What is IJS Academy?

IJS Academy is aimed at bridging the gap between business and academic knowledge.  We hope to demonstrate how to apply leading edge technologies to support business firms to implement digital transformation.  Powered by a world class instructional team coupled with global partners and leading technology, IJS Academy offers programmes, courses, and events to enable deep subject-matter understanding and technical proficiency in future technologies and their applications in solving real business problems. 

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


Working with its technology partners, IJS Academy aims to provide learners with tools and skills that result in rapid subject mastery and competence.


The vision of the IJS Academy is to become a global leader in the practical assimilation of leading-edge technology skills and education.


  • Effective - combining hands-on practice with theory to ensure functional competence

  • Engaging - building bridges among stakeholders including educational institutions, business, and the public
  • Energising - stimulating discussions

  • Envisioning - partnering with leading technology partners to introduce the latest in technical innovation

Corporate Structure

InstaCode Software Labs

InstaCode Software Labs was founded in 2015 by experienced IT professionals that realized that existing software development processes were not well-suited to the ever-increasing pace of technological advancement.

After 3+ years of intensive R&D, a ground-breaking cloud development platform called InstaJS was released.  This platform was built from the ground up to be a highly extendable platform.  It is a general purpose HIGH Productivity development environment which enables enterprise-grade solutions to be built FASTER & EASIER than through traditional software development approaches.


IJS.Works leveraging the InstaJS Cloud Development Platform develop market-leading solutions and custom solutions to enterprise customers in ERP/CRM, Learning Management, Websites, and eCommerce solutions.   

IJS Academy

IJS Academy is an arm of the company that focuses on selling our IJS Learning Management System and establishing courses and leading edge training services leveraging our technologies.